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Flowpillow heat

Portable, powerful and always ready


Love your feet

Flowpillow heat

Next generations recovery is here. Now with 3 different speeds and more heat!

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Yoga Mats, etc.

Flowpillow heat

Portable, powerful and always ready


Love your feet

Recommended by professional athletes

“To find flow in the training it is important to have flow in the body” – Mathias Stjernlöf OCR-athlete

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Our partners:

Naprapatgruppen Stockholm helps people to live a healthy lifestyle. They offer personalised naprapathy and training with measurable results.

KRKA Ultra Challenge is a new race for charity organised in a magical setting in and around Krka National Park, Croatia. The main purpose is to raise money to help cure diabetes.

O-Ringen is the world's biggest orientation adventure. O-Ringen is an annual July event that is next due to be held in Kolmården in 2019. Flowlife has been the proud official supplier since 2018.

Lidingöloppet dates back to 1982 and is listed as the world's largest cross-country race, attracting around 60,000 runners every year. Together with the Vasaloppet cross-country ski race, the Vätternrundan cycling event and the Vansbrosimningen swimming event, Lidingöloppet is part of the Swedish Classic Circuit (En Svensk Klassiker).

Praxismuller in southern Germany work with elite athletes every day. Their specializations include osteopathy, sport rehabilitation and chiropractic. They have worked with the German team in the Olympics and World Championships.



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