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Flowpillow heat

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Our goal is to make world-class recovery accessible to everyone. Treat yourself to our innovative and high-quality products!

Flowgun Go!

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The older I get, the more I realize how important recovery is for the body.

Jimmy Durmaz

Flowlife’s products are a great complement for me, as my body responds well to active recovery. The products help to maximize my recovery between matches.

Jessica Samuelsson

With the help of Flowlife, I have gained an insight into what a good recovery means and that it is so easy to get wherever you are. With Flowpillow heat, I have my own personal masseuse in my bag wherever I go.

Anthony Yigit

Flowlife has without a doubt given me the best recovery, so that I can perform at the highest level! Their products have really taken good care of my body.

Farhiya Abdi

Flowlife’s products have been a perfect compliment for me when I treat my patients. I also recommend the products for effective home rehabilitation.

Sam Soheil

Preparing the body for training/match is as important as it is to recover afterward, especially for me who has personally pulled off both cruciate ligaments. Being able to take my Flowpillow and Flowgun to the gym and on trips has helped me a lot and I thank Flowlife for that.

Binta Drammeh


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