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About Us

Our History

Flowlife was created from the vision that all people deserve world-class recovery on their terms. We were astonished at the great difference that existed between professionals’ products and consumer products. We felt that there was a mistake that one would have to choose between good price or high quality!

Therefore, we created Flowlife. Our customer promise is that you will always have a world-class product!

  1. Flowlife is founded

    – August, 2016

    Flowlife is founded and the journey begins to be the best in the world on recovery.

  2. TCS Lidingöloppet

    September, 2017

    Flowlife becomes an official supplier to Lidingöloppet. A great opportunity for the company to build on its vision.

  3. Top tested product

    March, 2017

    Flowpillow is tested in an independent survey where 94% of a total of 173 test subjects recommended the product.

  4. Naprapat Group & Praxis Muller – Collaborating with Professionals

    Summer, 2017

    Flowlife starts collaborating with industry professionals from Sweden and Germany.

  5. O-Ringen(Partner)

    September, 2017

    Flowlife becomes a partner for 3 years with the world’s largest orientation adventure.

  6. Flowfeet 98%

    Summer, 2018

    Flowlifes second product Flowfeet passes through an independent test where 98% recommended product.

  7. Flowroller

    Summer, 2018

    Flowlife launches its third product, a vibrating Flowroller focusing on recovering the body after a heavy workout.

  8. Launch in the Netherlands

    Autumn, 2018

    Flowlife is making its first major event abroad. The Amsterdam Marathon was the start of the international expansion.

Our Mission

By informing, educating and providing innovative self-care products, we provide you with the best conditions for living a life in Flow.

Flowlife is run by committed entrepreneurs with a broad academic background that puts their full energy into finding the most effective and innovative solutions to make you feel good!



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