Get your blood circulation moving and say goodbye to sore feet – a premium product that really gives results.

Massages, hugs and warms your feet Three different programs and strengths Air cleaner and washable inside. PRE-ORDER, 5 WEEKS DELIVERY
  • Power Supply: Input- AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz -Output DC12V/2.5A
  • Power: 30 watt
  • Rated voltage: DC 12V
  • Certificate: CE, ROSH
  • Weight: 6,5 kg
  • Dimensions: 45x40x27 cm
  • Lamps: Infrared
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More foot massage to the people!

Your feet carry almost 700 tons every day, which corresponds to the weight of about 15 lorries. Your feet carry you all day, so they need tender loving care.

2 year warranty

30-day satisfied customer warranty

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What can Flowfeet do for you?

Solve your feet problems

Improve your blood circulation

Reduce swelling and relieve sore feet with a combination of heat and infrared therapy that boosts blood circulation.

Reduce tension

Relax and reduce your tension with Flowfeet’s comprehensive massage programs.

Effective rehab

Continuous treatment has shown effective results on conditions such as heel spurs and cold and swollen feet.

Your feet need tender loving care

Your feet carry you all day and are subjected to great stress. Here are a few examples of how Flowfeet has helped past customers.

Cold feet add

Cold feet is usually caused by poor blood circulation. Many may also experience cold feet during winter, which is due to the body pulling the blood vessels together to save heat in the rest of the body. Flowfeet will help to ease this condition by providing continuous foot massage that brings the feet back to life again.

Swollen feet add

The feet are located furthest from the heart and are subjected to heavy loads every day, causing blood to accumulate and swelling to occur. Flowfeet is a good tool for triggering the blood circulation in your feet and removing the blood accumulations. Preventing swollen feet with the help of Flowfeet’s foot treatment will bring your feet back to life again.

Tired feet add

Your feet are used every day and are subjected to great stress. Whether you work standing up or sitting down, train at elite level or just workout, your feet are in use all day every day, and get tired and sore. Flowfeet’s treatment will energise your feet through stimulation and increased blood flow.

Cramp add

Foot cramp could depend on many different things, a few examples being vitamin deficiency, poor stimulus and excessive stress. Cramp occurs when muscles contract and is a common, and very often, painful condition. Flowfeet’s airbag technology is a very soothing treatment of foot cramp. If, for example, you get cramp when exercising or sleeping, Flowfeet will help to counteract the muscle contraction.

Hardness add

Hardness of the sole skin can occur if you use shoes that press against the foot. Pressure on the feet when running could cause hardness. The load and pressure from your footwear may make the skin go thick and hard.
A foot massage with Flowfeet stimulates the soles of your feet, which provides relief by triggering the blood flow.

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After a jog

An absolute dream after an intense workout

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