Get your blood circulation moving and say goodbye to sore feet – a premium product that really gives results.

Massages, hugs and warms your feet Three different programs and strengths Air cleaner and washable inside.

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The best in test-winning Flowfeet, is the premium product for foot massage. With three different programs and strength levels, you can decide for yourself what type of treatment your feet should receive. Your feet are strained with almost 700 tons every day, which is equal to the weight of 15 trucks. The feet are the ones that carry you all day and therefore need extra love.

  • Power supply: Input- AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz -Output DC12V/2.5A.
  • Power: 30 watt
  • Marked power: DC 12V
  • Certifikat: CE, ROSH
  • Weight: 6,5 kg
  • Measurments: 45x40x27 cm
  • Lights: Infrared
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544 in stock

Why Flowfeet?

Your feet consist of about 66 joints, 214 ligaments, 38 different muscles and tendons, and 25% of all the body’s bones. At the same time, it is the part of the body that we put the most load on. Do not your feet deserve a little massage?

Love for your feet

Are you standing up a lot at work? Or do you strain your feet during exercise? Then Flowfeet is an easy way to increase blood circulation and help the feet recover faster.

Everyday luxury

Alone time at its best.


Sit back and take a few deep breaths. Flowfeet massages and warms up your feet so you can rest up properly.


With healthier feet, we get a freer body – and with that comes more flow!


The older I get, the more I realize how important recovery is for the body. Flowgun and Flowfeet have become my personal favorites!

Jimmy Durmaz

Professional football player, Flowlife Ambassador

Flowlife’s products are a great complement for me, as my body responds well to active recovery. The products help to maximize my recovery between matches.

Jessica Samuelsson

Professional football player, Flowlife Ambassador

With the help of Flowlife, I have gained an insight into what a good recovery means. With Flowpillow heat, I have my own personal masseuse in my bag wherever I go.

Anthony Yigit

Professional boxer, Flowlife Ambassador

Flowlife has without a doubt given me the best recovery, so that I can perform at the highest level! Their products have really taken good care of my body.

Farhiya Abdi

Professional basketball player, Flowlife Ambassador

To have my Flowpillow and Flowgun at the gym and on trips has helped me a lot with my recovery, and I thank Flowlife for that.

Binta Drammeh

Professional basketball player, Flowlife Ambassador

I mainly use Flowgun and Flowroller when it comes to approaching competition or important training. This helps me to relax tense muscles and make the body feel ready for world-class performance

Thobias Montler

Professional long jumper, Flowlife Ambassador

As a professional football player, I am very grateful for Flowlife’s products (especially the massage pillow – LOVE IT !!) that helps me in my recovery and to be able to perform at the top every day!

Petronella Ekroth

Flowlife’s products make me 100% ready for the next competition and training session!

Andreas Kramer


Flow FAQ

Read frequently asked questions and answers about how our products work.

Foot massage, why? add

Foot massage is an excellent way to take care of your feet, which are loaded with almost 700 tons every day, which corresponds to the weight of about 15 trucks. Your feet carry you all day and therefore need to be treated accordingly.

Foot massage benefits? add

Foot massage can have various benefits such as less swollen, sore, and aching feet. We recommend foot massage to anyone who overloads their feet often.

Foot massage every day? add

Foot massage can be practiced every day. Flowfeet foot massager has 3 different programs with a built-in timer of 15 minutes, which is the daily recommended time for this kind of treatment.

Foot massage treatment? add

Foot massage is a treatment for tired and sore feet. Flowfeet foot massager is the premium product for your feet, which powerfully starts the blood circulation and treats tired and aching feet.

What is foot massage good for? add

Foot massage is good for treating tired and sore feet. In addition, it is a good way to start blood circulation. We recommend foot massage to anyone who has an active life, stands a lot at work, or otherwise strains their feet often.

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