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Flowgun pocket is a premium-massage gun in a compact form. Experience the simplicity with the most powerfull mini-massage gun on the market. Even of it’s lighter weight Flowgun pocket is extremly powerfull with 3200 strikes per minute and works for the whole body regardless who you are.

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Flowgun pocket is a premium-massage gun in a compact form. Experience the simplicity with the most powerfull mini-massage gun on the market. Even of it’s lighter weight Flowgun pocket is extremly powerfull with 3200 strikes per minute and works for the whole body regardless who you are.

  • Weight: 500 gram
  • 2000-3200 rpm
  • Batterytime: 2-4 timmar
  • Chargingtime: 4 timmar
  • Strikelenght: 8 mm
  • Noicelevel: 60-62 db
  • Cable: Type C-cable
  • Adapter: Not over 9V
  • Input: 100-240V
  • Output: 5V
  • Rated Voltage: 5V
  • Li-ion Battery: 1600mAh

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As a customer at Flowlife, you always have a 100-day customer satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can calmly test our products to ensure that the purchase lives up to hopes.

Flowgun Pocket

4644 in stock

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Why Flowgun pocket?

Massage is both important and necessary to give your body the extra love it needs. Pain and stiffness can occur suddenly, therefore Flowgun pocket is your lifesaver. Even tho its small size Flowgun pocket is not compromising with the strength, with up to 3200 strikes per minute your muscles will get well treated.

Your portable massues in your pocket

With Flowgun pocket you don’t need more time or greater planning to take care and treat yourself. With its smart and compact size, can you take care of yourself and your muscles.

Does size really matter?

Size is often related to power, but not so in this case. Flowgun pocket has 3 vibration levels and with its 3200 strikes per minute, one of the strongest massage guns on the market.


The older I get, the more I realize how important recovery is for the body. Flowgun and Flowfeet have become my personal favorites!

Jimmy Durmaz

Professional football player, Flowlife Ambassador

Flowlife’s products are a great complement for me, as my body responds well to active recovery. The products help to maximize my recovery between matches.

Jessica Samuelsson

Professional football player, Flowlife Ambassador

With the help of Flowlife, I have gained an insight into what a good recovery means. With Flowpillow heat, I have my own personal masseuse in my bag wherever I go.

Anthony Yigit

Professional boxer, Flowlife Ambassador

Flowlife has without a doubt given me the best recovery, so that I can perform at the highest level! Their products have really taken good care of my body.

Farhiya Abdi

Professional basketball player, Flowlife Ambassador

I mainly use Flowgun and Flowroller when it comes to approaching competition or important training. This helps me to relax tense muscles and make the body feel ready for world-class performance

Thobias Montler

Professional long jumper, Flowlife Ambassador

Flow FAQ

Read frequently asked questions and answers about how our products work.

Massage gun, how often? add

Studies have shown that 10 minutes of massage every day gives good effects and can reduce pain by 30%. In addition, the body produces hormones dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin which can go up by 30%. The stress hormone cortisol has also been shown to go down by about 30%.

In other words, you can massage every day!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U491wVQqbOI – In this video, Alex at Flowlife meets naprapath Sam Soheil from Idrottskadecentrum who answers the question: “Can you get too much massage?”

Massage gun for horses? add

A massage gun can be used on horses. Just like humans, horses also need treatment for their muscles. Studies have shown that horses that have had their muscles treated, perform better during their competitions. A massage gun can be used before the competition to warm up the muscles, and also after to start the recovery. It stimulates the muscle and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Massage gun for lumbar spine? add

A massage gun is excellent to use on the lumbar spine, which is a common area to feel stiffness and pain in. The massage gun helps to dissolve tension and trigger points that can occur in the lumbar spine. As the area can be difficult to reach on your own, you could ask a friend for help!

Massage gun for runners knee? add

A massage gun is a perfect tool for treating runners knee, which usually has to do with overexertion of the structures in the area of pain. When using a massage gun, recovery is initiated, which is a prerequisite to avoid overload. Recovering carries a lower risk of injury. 

Massage gun before workout? add

Before working out, it is recommended to use your massage gun at a lower frequency with a weaker pressure. If you massage too intensely and deeply before training, there is a risk that you lower your tone, ie the muscle tension/explosiveness that is in the muscles.

Run at the lowest level (900 rpm) and massage topically around the entire muscle for about 30-60 seconds. This contributes to increased mobility by releasing tension in the connective tissue (Myofascial release). The vibrations also contribute to increased circulation and body temperature in the selected area. With this as a routine, together with a good physical warm-up, you have good conditions for a more effective workout.

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