The markets most effective treatment to remove tension, stimulate fascia and boost recovery.

Quiet and powerful 6 hours battery life 5 different vibration levels
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • AC/DC Adapter: Input AC 100-240V, 0,8A Max, 50/60Hz - Output: DC 26.0V - 900mA
  • Li-ion Battery: 2550mAh
  • Rated Power: 30W
  • CE and ROSH

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Flowgun is designed to shoot precise percussion strikes which relieves tensions in your muscles - to maximize your performance and recovery. With up to 3200 RPM, Flowgun will help stimulate fascia, increase blood circulation and release trigger points.

2 year warranty

30-day satisfied customer warranty

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Why Flowgun?

To maximize your performance and recovery.

Stimulates fascia

With strong vibrations, Flowgun will help to dissolve tight fascia and thereby increase mobility and blood circulation.

Boost recovery

Vibration massage generates waves with different frequencies that increase blood circulation and rebuild damaged tissue through higher activity in the cells.

Relieves tense and tired muscles

Flowgun is powerful and easy to use on specific muscles directly after exercise to quickly make your muscles feel fresh again.

For exercisers and elite athletes

“To find flow in your workouts, you need flow in your body.”

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