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Flowpillow heat

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Portable massage pillow inspired by sports massage. Provides effective whole-body treatment for muscle fatigue.

3 speeds Cordless Rechargeable Infrared heat
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We send our products with DHL from Sweden. On average, a delivery takes 2-7 working days after the order has been placed


As a customer at Flowlife, you always have a 100-day customer satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can calmly test our products to ensure that the purchase lives up to hopes.

Flowpillow heat

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Why Flowpillow heat?

In a fast-paced world full of change, we value the opportunity to take a break and relax. With Flowpillow heat you can do just that, and with its strong components, you can treat everything from stress to muscle knots – so that you can recover better.

You decide

Skip the cables and use Flowpillow exactly where and when you need it thanks to the rechargeable battery.


Relaxing has never been easier.

Warm-up and recovery – all in one

Massage combined with infrared light therapy works wonders for softening the muscles and increase blood circulation. A great way to start the day, as well as after a workout.

Don’t worry

Flowpillow’s durable fabric and motor are well prepared for massaging even the toughest of bodies.

Self love

Reward yourself with a wonderful massage after a long day, you’re worth it!


The older I get, the more I realize how important recovery is for the body.

Jimmy Durmaz

Flowlife’s products are a great complement for me, as my body responds well to active recovery. The products help to maximize my recovery between matches.

Jessica Samuelsson

With the help of Flowlife, I have gained an insight into what a good recovery means and that it is so easy to get wherever you are. With Flowpillow heat, I have my own personal masseuse in my bag wherever I go.

Anthony Yigit

Flowlife has without a doubt given me the best recovery, so that I can perform at the highest level! Their products have really taken good care of my body.

Farhiya Abdi

Flowlife’s products have been a perfect compliment for me when I treat my patients. I also recommend the products for effective home rehabilitation.

Sam Soheil

Preparing the body for training/match is as important as it is to recover afterward, especially for me who has personally pulled off both cruciate ligaments. Being able to take my Flowpillow and Flowgun to the gym and on trips has helped me a lot and I thank Flowlife for that.

Binta Drammeh

I mainly use Flowgun and Flowroller when it comes to approaching competition or important training. This helps me to relax tense muscles and make the body feel ready for world-class performance

Thobias Montler

As a professional football player, I am very grateful for Flowlife’s products (especially the massage pillow – LOVE IT !!) that helps me in my recovery and to be able to perform at the top every day!

Petronella Ekroth

Flowlife’s products make me 100% ready for the next competition and training session!

Andreas Kramer


Flow FAQ

Read frequently asked questions and answers about how our products work.

Wireless massage pillow? add

The massage pillow Flowpillow heat is wireless and has a battery time of 2 hours so that you can focus on other things while you’re enjoying a wonderful massage – wherever you are!

Massage pillow for the neck? add

A massage pillow is perfect to be used on the neck. The infrared heat helps to warm up and release any tensions that may arise in the neck. We recommend using the lowest speed around the neck, as the area is more sensitive than others.

Massage pillow for the lumbar spine? add

A massage pillow is excellent for relieving tension and stimulating muscle knots along the lumbar spine. Three different speeds together infrared heat enables a powerful treatment with the highest possible comfort.

Massage pillow with infrared heat? add

Most massage pillows include infrared heat which helps to warm up stiff muscles and start the blood circulation. In addition to the powerful infrared heat, our Flowpillow heat has three different speeds so that the recovery can be adapted to your needs.

Massage pillow for the back? add

You can easily use a massage pillow for the back. Place the pillow on a sofa, armchair, or bed and relax.

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