Flowpillow heat

Portable massage pillow inspired by sports massage. Provides effective whole-body treatment for muscle fatigue.

3 speeds Cordless Rechargeable Infrared heat
  • Battery: Rechargeable Litiumion
  • Capacity mAh: 2200
  • Power Supply: Input AC 220-240v 50Hz - Output DC 12v
  • Power: 30 watts
  • Certificate: CE, ROSH
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 32x11x20 cm
  • Lamps: Infrared

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Flowpillow heat

3006 in stock

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Flowpillow heat

Relaxation, strength and vitality

A massage pillow designed by industry professionals and elite athletes to emulate sports massage. We strongly recommend continuous use of your Flowpillow to maintain your flow!

2 year warranty

30-day satisfied customer warranty

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What can Flowpillow do for you?

The best complement to human treatment on the market

Improve your blood circulation

Boost your circulation with infrared heat, the ultimate massage treatment.

Reduce tension

Remove your knots with trigger point massage for in-depth treatment.

Speed up recovery

Relieve your muscle soreness and manage more. Massage has repeatedly shown good results on inflammations associated with muscle soreness.

Comprehensive treatment

Flowpillow has helped thousands of people. Here are some of the most common conditions that Flowpillow has helped past customers with.

Chronic muscle tear add

Chronic muscle tear usually stems from lumbar and pelvic problems This is due to the ischiatic nerve being irritated, causing the calf muscle to tense up. When you feel the first symptom (usually a sharp pull in the calf), you must seek immediate treatment before muscle breakage occurs.

Because the sciatica nerve runs from the bottom of the back down to the foot, you need to massage all the way with Flowpillow to ensure full treatment. Focus on the calf because it is probably numb and needs a real circulation boost.

Runner’s knee add

Runner’s knee most often occurs when you step up to another exercise level. As the name implies, it is usually associated with running. It normally occurs during a running session and feels like a cutting pain on the outside of the knee. The discomfort may recede after a few days’ rest but could return when you get on the track again. The pain arises from the tendon that extends along the outside of the thigh becoming inflamed by friction and sliding back and forth over the lateral femoral condyle (muscular attachment at the knee).

With Flowpillow you can massage the seat muscles and then continue massaging the muscle on the outside of the thigh down to the knee. Many customers have found this to be a good complement to other treatments and a preventive tool against runner’s knee.

Delayed onset muscle soreness add

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise. Warming up or stretching has basically no effect on DOMS. But massage has on repeated occasions shown to have a positive effect. This makes Flowpillow the ideal tool for ensuring continuous treatment after exercising.

Jumper’s knee add

As the name implies, jumper’s knee is a knee condition that often afflicts athletes who jump a lot. Our knees work in harness with our legs and tendons to enable us to bend and stretch. When the knee is extended, the quadriceps muscle pulls on the quadriceps tendon, and when the knee is bent, the hamstring muscle pulls the tibia. If you have jumper’s knee you will find it difficult to unbend the knee. At the slightest symptom you have to massage the hamstring and quadriceps as quickly as possible in order to counteract and prevent jumper’s knee.

Lower back pain add

Lower back pain is often caused by static and repeated stress or non-ergonomic postures. Poor daily routines can eventually lead to lower back pain. Slouched in front of a computer could be harmful in the long term. This repetition becomes a vicious circle for the muscles and the back will eventually tire and pain will set in. Using Flowpillow every day will help to counteract these problems, along with moving and being aware of your posture.

Tired muscles add

After exercise you can get sore in the muscles, these are inflammations that occur when muscle fibers are damaged during exercise. Research has shown that massage gives positive effect, sometimes a 30% reduction in inflammation, which gives less pain and tenderness. Therefore, Flowpillow is a good tool for your recovery to make your muscles vibrant.

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