Flowroller Vibe

Flowroller is a new generation foam roller with powerful vibration technology. Flowroller helps you warm up, activate and restore your muscles more effectively.

Powerful vibrations Rechargeable Five vibration modes
  • Battery: Rechargeable Litiumion
  • Capacity mAh: 2200
  • Power supply: input- AC 220-240v - 50Hz - output DC 12v.
  • Power: 25 watt
  • Certificate: CE, ROSH
  • Weight: 1,3 kg
  • Dimensions: 33x21x10 cm
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Flowroller Vibe

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Towards the next level with deep vibration

Go pro with the Flow

Flowroller is a step up from your regular foam roller. According to new research, deep vibration treatment has shown positive results for mobility and recovery after intense training. Flowroller is the product that will take your training to the next level.

2 year warranty

30-day satisfied customer warranty

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How can Flowroller take you to the next level?

Quicker and more pleasant recovery. The vibrations improve blood circulation and also act as a pain blocker. This means you can go deeper without experiencing discomfort.

Warming up

The vibrations shake life into muscle fibres and connective tissue, leading to increased mobility. The perfect warm up to maximise performance and avoid injury.


After a workout you will experience soreness and inflammation in the muscle fibres. Flowroller activates the collagen in the muscles and connective tissue to aid the body’s recovery.


An effective recovery allows you to train more frequently and more intensively. Flowroller could provide the extra push you need to get to the next level.

Roll away the pain

Below are some issues that Flowroller has helped to resolve

Stiff muscles add

Stiff muscles could be caused by several things, such as vitamin deficiency, insomnia, stress or strenuous exercise. The tension felt after training or overworking is partly caused by inflammation in the muscles at high stresses. It could also be caused by tight connective tissue, which makes the muscles feel less flexible. Foam rollers have become increasingly popular for using the body weight to get at trigger points and massage away muscle knots. Flowroller’s powerful vibration loosens up the connective tissue that easily becomes stiff, allowing a more effective warm up and recovery.

Delayed onset muscle soreness add

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is ethe pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after strenuous exercise. The Flowroller vibration improves the blood circulation and loosens up the connective tissue, making the muscle more flexible.

This helps to ease DOMS much more quickly, allowing you to focus on your next session.

Cold body add

In the cold season, many experience difficulties in getting the blood circulation going and the body warmed up for a training session. Warming up is vital in all types of exercise because it prevents injury. Rolling and vibration helps your blood circulation to get going, which in turn warms up your muscles.

Many find it difficult to get the blood circulation going and to warm up the body during the cold season. Warming up is vital in all types of training because it prevents injury from occurring when you increase the intensity. Rolling and vibration kick-starts your blood circulation more quickly and provides your muscles with heat more effectively.

Runner’s knee add

Runner’s knee is due to inflammation of the muscles on the outside of the knee that go along the thigh to the hip. Foam rollers have long been regarded as excellent massaging tools for these trigger points on the outside of the thigh, but it can be very painful. Flowroller rolls across these trigger points while giving vibration treatment that blocks the pain signals from the nerves, making it easier to roll longer and with more pressure without feeling discomfort.

Poor mobility add

Fascia or connective tissue surrounds all of our muscles. A lot of sitting could cause the connective tissue to tighten and “stick together” with other tissues. This often leads to stiffness and reduced mobility. Rolling puts pressure on the muscles and loosens up the connective tissue that has tightened, improving mobility and muscle flexibility in the process.

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