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“As a Bodyfitness athlete and
group fitness instructor, I work
very hard with my body.
Flowpillow is a perfect
complement to massage and
other types of treatments. It
is portable and can be used
Perfect for professional athletes
and happy exercises, young and

Camilla Wreting
Licensed PT

“Flowpillow provides a fast and
easy recovery for tired and aching
muscles. I usually place it on the
shoulder joint muscles, around and
on the shoulder blades. The fact
that Flowpillow is cordless makes
it simple to adjust the position and
access the points where massage is
needed. Flowpillow has
become a perfect complement to
human massage for me and for my

Ingrid Carlsarv
Massage therapist and Journey Practitioner

“Massage is
calming, increases blood
circulation and reduces pain.
I recommend Flowpillow to my
customers with various types of
pain and tension.
It is great to use to prevent pain
and in between
Flowpillow is a very good
complement to manual
treatment techniques “

Liselott Ljungdahl
Ergonomist/Lic. Physiotherapist